Club News

Just over a year ago, several of our members set out on what turned out to be a long, sometimes difficult and sometimes emotional journey, towards some Awards for Photographic Merit(APM's).

All the members who went for awards deserve huge recognotion and congratulations as their efforts really put our club on the map.  The months were filled with shooting new genres, way outside many of our comfort zones.  The knowledge gained in post processing was vast - even after a difficult few months, lots of knowledge was gained.


4 of our members were successful in their bids.  So very many congratulations to:

Annette Crook CPAGB

Alex Krzyz LRPS

John Rutherford CPAGB

Sharon Sims CPAGB

Click on the names to see the images which gave Annette, Alex, John and Sharon their awards



YPU PDI Portrait  of the Year 2018

There was further success for Annette Crook.  Her portrait 'African Beauty' won the Yorkshire Photographic Union's PDI Portrait fo the Year!!

But that's not the only successes the club had at the YPU Exhibiton!

Pauline Crawley had her fantastic image 'Skye on the Edge' accepted

...and there's more!

John Rutherford had 2 acceptances 'Quiraing Sunrise' and  'Stormy Skye' in addition to 3 acceptances in the NEMPF Exhibition as well!

What a year it's been!

African Beauty.jpg
SKYE ON THE EDGE by Pauline Crawley.jpg
STORMY SKYE by John Rutherford.jpg
QUIRAING SUNRISE by John Rutherford.jpg